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MOKO Technology Ltd- Your Rigid-Flex Circuit Board Solutions

Our rigid-flex circuit board solutions are custom designed for many top tier OEM's. Manufactured with dependable reliability, our flexible circuits are built to withstand the rigors of aerospace, medical, and military applications. As a high reliability replacement for wire and wire harness assemblies, flex circuits provide a significant cost savings with no reduction in performance.

Cost Effective Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB's

When it comes to our flex and rigid-flex products, we offer a variety of cost effective solutions and capabilities that include single or double sided circuitry to higher technology multilayer designs up to 6 layers. From selecting the best functional configuration, to choosing the proper connectors or components, we will help you meet or exceed all your applications requirments

Our flex and rigid-flex PCB's are manufactured for various applications in the medical, military, aerospace, and portable devices industries

Our engineering team can assistance you from early design stages of your application all the way to end product production for all your flex and rigid-flex circuit needs.

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Rigid-flex circuit board Sample Below:

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