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Medical PCB and Medical PCB Manufacturing Services from MOKO

MOKO offers fast and complete medical PCB( Printed Circuit Board) and Medical PCB manufacturing services to speed up your go-to-market schedule. High reliability is a top priority in the medical manufacturing industry.

The medical industry demands the highest standards of quality, precision and reliability when it comes to their circuit board needs. MOKO offers an experienced engineering team with expertise in all aspects of medical grade PCBs. We provide completely integrated solutionsthat fulfill all the specific requirements of a medical device and the application it is used in.

Our state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing facility in Longhua,Shenzhen,China is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology to deliver on your most challenging and complex requirements. We are certified by ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. This means every medical PCB board, single, double or multi-layer, flex, rigid and rigid-flex PCB board undergoes stringent inspection testing to ensure it meets your specifications and compliance requirements.

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Mobile: +86-13480995660

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